William Martin Shelton and Family

Standing: Dora Shelton, Polly Shelton, Virginia Shelton, Sophronia Shelton and William T. Shelton. Seated: William Martin Shelton, Florence Shelton and Martha (Shelton) Shelton, photograph ca. 1894, Franklin County, AR

Testing Candidates for S190 SNP

S190 has tested positive for three submissions: Colson (1), Taylor (1) and Wilson (1).

There are over 80 testing candidate was found that exceed 70 % of the S190 fingerprint:

1) Within the Y-Search query and 21-LS signature of the R-L21 Plus spreadsheet, over 80 submissions that have not been tested that were higher than 70 % of the S190 fingerprint. There is diverse distribution of surnames including: Kilgore (8), Hall (6), Sloan (6), Boggs (5), Williamson (3), Wilson (3) and Ferguson (3). Refer to the S190 "DNA Results" spreadsheet for the details of these 80 testing candidates. These will be highlighted as green in the FP match column.

2) Around ten additional testing candidates were found that fall between a 50 % and 70 % match of the S190 fingerprint. See the S190 "DNA Results" spreadsheet for details of these ten additional testing candidates. These testing candidates should be considered speculative in nature since very few submissions test positive between 50 % and 70 % of the SNP fingerprints. These will be highlighted blue and yellow in the FP match column.

The S190 "DNA Results" spreadsheet includes over 90 possible testing candidates (greater than 50 % of the S190 fingerprint). The higher on the spreadsheet, the more likely of testing positive for S190. Unfortunately, testing of the S190 SNP is limited to the testing company, Scottish DNA (formerly Ethnoancestry). The testing of this SNP has to be manually tracked, so post any positive or negative testing of S190 in the L21 Plus Yahoo Groups forum.