Stephen Casey

Stephen James Casey, b. 1948, d. 2011, photograph ca. 1956, Hanford, CA

Testing Candidates for L1336 SNP

Testing Recommendatons (March, 2013)

Candidates for L1336 testing (in order of testing priority and decreasing odds of testing positive) include:

1) All six testing candidates with 10 of 10 matches should probably test positve. Also, all submissions that match 8 of 10 and 9 of 10 as well as test positive for 456 <= 15 should mostly test positive as well. See the L1336 spreadsheet under the DNA Results pull down menu for a listing of over 100 good testing candidates.

2) For fingerprint matches of 8 of 10 and 9 of 10 without 456 <= 15, many submissions could test positive as well. Those submissions that also have 576 <= 17 are more likely to test positive. At 8 of 10 and 9 of 10 matches, testing positive will average lower than 50 percent.

3) For the fingerprint matches at 7 of 10, a few submissions should test positive as well. Again, those submissions with 456 <= 15 and 576 <= 17 having higher odds of testing positive. Since the true scope of L1336 is not well known, lower fingerprint matches should be tested as well. However, lower fingerprint matches only have a five to ten percent chance of testing positive. Testing 6 of 10 matches could produce a few positive results but these tests should be considered speculative in nature.