William Martin Shelton and Family

Standing: Dora Shelton, Polly Shelton, Virginia Shelton, Sophronia Shelton and William T. Shelton. Seated: William Martin Shelton, Florence Shelton and Martha (Shelton) Shelton, photograph ca. 1894, Franklin County, AR

Testing Candidates for L643 SNPs

There are many good testing candidates for L643 that were found:

1) For submissions that exceed 70 %, all are expected to test positive. Very good testing candidates include: Robertson (119240), McKenzie (35762 and 129718) and Matheson (80950, 114653 and 89302). Only those submissions tha descend from different oldest proven ancestors should test for L643. There are thirteen additional Matheson and McKenzie submissions only tested at 37 markers which could be upgraded to 67 markers and tested as well. Those 37 marker submissions that descend from different oldest proven ancestors would be the best testing candidates (only if upgraded to 67 markers so that key markers can be evaluated consistently).

2) Since the scope of L643 has not been well tested to date, there are around 89 more submissions that have matches between 50% to 70 % match of the L643 fingerprint that could be tested for L643. Submissions with either 481 <= 21 or 442 <= 11 would be better testing candidates since these markers are key to the origin of L643. See the L643 "DNA Results" spreadsheet for these testing candidates.