Caledonia (Revere) Bryan

Caledonia (Revere) Bryan, photograph ca. 1900, Hill County, TX

Testing Candidates for L371 SNPs

L371 is dominated by the Pugh surname which are around 50 % of testing candidates. The Pugh submissions are very high fingerprint matches and all have 413b <= 22. There are also many other surnames associated with L371.

There are many good testing candidates for L371 (in order of relatedness):

1) At fingerprint matches at 10 of 11 and higher, almost all should test positive. There are many good Pugh testing candidates but the testing outcome has a very high probabilities of testing positive and is not recommended. Continued testing of non-Pugh surnames are recommended: Nichols (217670), Dixon (126795), Jenkins (198105), Dern (200440), Carroll (227966), Reese (N2351), Thomas (254530) and Phillips (135549).

2) There are only four speculative testing submissions worthy of testing to possibly expand the breadth of the L371 testing (between 50 and 70 % of the L371 fingerprint): Matheson (119381), Stevens (64333) and Davidson (159543 or 160338). Although these submissions will probably test negative, testing this submission could greatly expand the scope of L371 if they tested positive and is critical to determine the true breadth of L371.