Stephen Casey

Stephen James Casey, b. 1948, d. 2011, photograph ca. 1956, Hanford, CA

Testing Candidates for L1312 SNP

Testing Recommendatons (March, 2013)

Candidates for L1312 testing (in order of testing priority and decreasing odds of testing positive) include:

1) For the fingerprint L1312, all testing candidates above 70 % (8 of 10 match or higher) should be tested - unless multiple submissions descend from the same oldest proven ancestor. Since major overlap of L1312 and non-L1312 submissions is expected, many testing lower fingerprint match candidates should test negative. With future additional test results available, additional fine tuning of the existing fingerprint may be required. See the L1312 spreadsheet under the DNA Results pull down menu for a listing of the 84 good testing candidates. However, due to significan overlap of L1312 and non-L1312 submissions is expected that less than half will test positive abover 70 % matches.

2) For fingerprint matches between 50 and 70 % (6 of 10 and 7 of 10 matches), testing is still recommended until the true scope of L1312 is determined. The 241 testing candidates found in the DNA Results spreadsheet should be considered very speculative in nature but a small number of these submissions should test positive. Currently, all three submissions have tested negative for low fingerprint matches. After more additional testing, the definition of low fingerprint matches (the number of markers that have to match) may have to be increased.

Only test for those candidates that are highlighted in green, blue or yellow. The higher in the spreadsheet, the more likely of testing positive for L1312. Since the L1312 fingerprint is only based on a small sample size of testing candidates, the fingerprint is currently speculative in nature and will require fine tuning with additional testing.