Hugh Lee Sellers Family

Front Row (seated): Mahala (Shelton) Sellers, Don Carlos Sellers (child), Hugh Lee Sellers, Ira Wilford Sellers, Parley Hugh Sellers, and James Robert Sellers; Back Row (standing): Missouri Jane Sellers, Ernia Richard Sellers, George William Sellers, Mary Ellen Sellers and Heber Sellers (son of Hugh Sellers brother, William Robert Sellers, photograph ca. 1897, Conejos County, CO

Testing Candidates for L583 SNPs

This Y-SNP has tested positive for only three submissions.

There are very few testing candidates for L583 testing that were found:

1) All submissions above a 70 % match of the L583 fingerprint should be tested: Pegalis (50248), Tallman (157751), Lubatinsky (2831), Freeman (220214) and Kichler (177575).

2) There are three speculative testing candidates that match the L583 fingerprint with 8 of 12 markers. These three submissions are: Thiery (DPVGV) with origins in France, Mendoza (F3RZA) with origins in Spain and Rice (N3385). Theiry (DPVGV) is the best testing candidate as this submission has the key marker value of 388 >= 11.

See the DNA Results spreadsheet for more details concerning testing candidates.