Donia, John and Birch Bryan

Birch Bryan (top), John W. Bryan, and Donia Bryan, photograph ca. 1900, Hill County, TX

Testing Candidates for L580 SNPs

This Y-SNP has tested positive for only one surname: Norris. There is only one other surname associated with this Y-SNP: Walters.

There is only no good candidate for L580 testing that were found:

1) There are several lower odds candidates worthy of testing that only have between 40 % and 50 % match of the L580 fingerprint: Hogan (JKNPV), Bailey (Z7EQS), Hodge (VSNZ3) and several other lower odds tests (see spreadsheet for several more possible candidates).

The DNA results spreadsheet includes only two good testing candidates (both have been tested positive). The higher on the spreadsheet, the more likely of testing positive for these Y-SNPs. Since the scope of this Y-SNP has not been tested extensively to date, these recommendations are less reliable for testing positive (except those labeled as lower odds which are more speculative).