William Martin Shelton and Family

Standing: Dora Shelton, Polly Shelton, Virginia Shelton, Sophronia Shelton and William T. Shelton. Seated: William Martin Shelton, Florence Shelton and Martha (Shelton) Shelton, photograph ca. 1894, Franklin County, AR

Testing Candidates for L658 SNP

The L658 SNP has tested positive for five submissions: Cain and variants (5).

There are nine good testing candidates for the L658 SNP that were found:

1) There are nine testing candidates that have over a 70 % match with the L658 fingerprint. The following submissions would be good testing candidates. Only those not sharing common proven ancestors would be good testing candidates: Cain (28714, 32695, 95954), Kane (169902), Keane (35274), Cain (MPZW9, APH9Q, N43RK) and Cahan (N373H).

2) Since the scope of this Y-SNP has not been extensively tested to date, there is one more above average testing candidate that matches over 60 % of the L658 fingerprint: Chancery (9Z2JX). There are another six testing candidates over 50 % match of the L658 fingerprint which would be speculative in nature (see the DNA Results spredsheet for these testing candidates).

The DNA results spreadsheet includes nine good testing candidates (greater than 70 % of the DNA fingerprint) and one above average testing candidate. The submissions that have 450 >= 9 appear to be the best testing candidates since these marker values tend to track higher fingerprint match percentages.