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Alvin "Harold" Casey and his three sons (left to right) - Robert Brooks Casey, Patrick Jon Casey and David Myron Casey, ca. 1983

How to Join R-L21 Related Projects

This project is currently limited to this web site and this web site has no associated FTDNA project to join. It is highly recommended that you join existing haplogroup projects which make your DNA more widely available for deep ancestry research. This web site only includes projects that are associated with R-L21 submissions. It is highly recommended that all R-L21 submissions join the R-L21 Plus Project:


If you are interested ongoing leading edge research of R-L21 deep ancestry, it is also highly recommended that you join this very active and leading edge forum. There are 1,000s of messages and many useful files in this forum. This group can be a little overwhelming for those new to deep ancestry research - but many experts are there to answer questions. Join the RL21Project Yahoo group:


If you are interested in R-L21 "Walk the Y" submissions, this project is open to all R-L21 interested parties. This is an excellent FTDNA project to donate funds and expand the scope of R-L21 haplogroups. Donations will be used for future "Walk the Y" testing or Y-SNP testing to expand the scope of existing R-L21 Y-SNPs that have not been extensively tested:


For R-M222, join the following FTDNA project:

Since I was denied membership to this project, you will have find this group under haplogroup projects and join this group manually.

For R-L159.2, join the following FTDNA project:


For R-L226, join the following FTDNA project:


For R-L226, also visit the excellent web site:


For L513, join the 1113Combo Yahoo Group:


For DF21, join the FTDNA R-DF21 project:


The above list is by no means a complete list but represents all the major projects associated with the broad haplogroups. For more projects, log into your FTDNA account and hit the "Join Projects" link on the left side for many more FTDNA projects. For a even more comprehensive list of deep ancestry related projects and web sites, see Mike Walsh's extensive list of links: