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Marietta (Olliff) Fordham, photograph ca. 1900, Lyons, GA

Testing Candidates for L526 SNPs

The only surname currently testing positive for L526 is Lurz. There is only one submission in Y-Search with the surname of Lurz - indicating a rare surname. The oldest proven ancestor is shown as Jojann Lurz, originating from Draas, Transylvania, Romania. This submission has very unique DNA and does not appear to have any closely related submissions tested to date. The fingerprint for L526 includes 16 mutations from the L21 modal.

The best candidates for L526 testing (very remote chance of testing positive):

1) McDowell, FTDNA 22277, Y-Search NAZGR, 7 of 14 match, GD = 15.

2) Sandiford, Y-Search 4S4HR, 7 of 14 match, GD = 19.

There are really no good testing candidates found in the DNA Results spreadsheet (that match more than 70 % of the DNA fingerprint). Although these are two lower probability testing candidates, these testing candidates probably have less than a 5 % chance of testing positive. The higher on the spreadsheet, the more likely of testing positive for L526. Since the fingerprint L526 is speculative based on two submissions that appear to be related and have common 67 marker marker values, other testing candidates could be found if the fingerprint is adjusted in the future. Since this is a testing candidate is from Romania where few Y-STR submissions exist, there are no close Y-STR matches that exist today.