Stephen Casey

Stephen James Casey, b. 1948, d. 2011, photograph ca. 1956, Hanford, CA

Testing Candidates for L1066 SNP

Testing Candidate Recommendatons (February, 2013)

For all nine fingerprints, refer to the L1066 link in the DNA Results tab. All testing candidates found in green are good testing candidates and testing candidates found in blue could test positive as well. However, since there is significant overlap of L1066 testing candidates with many other L21 SNPs, testing results will be mixed (both positive and negative). Using the L1066 fingerprints are much more reliable for testing positive than random testing under Z253* submissions - but results are not as predictable as most SNPs.

Due to the numerous fingerprints and unassigned outlier submissions, continued random testing under Z253* submissions is highly recommended.

Only test for those candidates that are highlighted in green, blue or yellow. The higher on the spreadsheet, the more likely of testing positive for L1066. The fingerprint methodology used at this web site is more accurate with more recent SNPs than L1066. Testing of L1066 should be considered much more speculative in nature than other single fingerprint SNPs. This SNP will not be included in the L21 SNP predictor due to the breadth and age of L1066. For older SNPs like L1066, the L21 signatures will catch more worthy testing candidates but will have a lower accuracy for those predicted. The fingerprint methodology uses faster mutating markers which increases accuracy for those predicted but could miss possible testing candidates that could test positive.