William Martin Shelton and Family

Standing: Dora Shelton, Polly Shelton, Virginia Shelton, Sophronia Shelton and William T. Shelton. Seated: William Martin Shelton, Florence Shelton and Martha (Shelton) Shelton, photograph ca. 1894, Franklin County, AR

Testing Candidates for L894 & L895 SNPs

The L894 and L895 SNPs have tested positive for only one submission: Merry (1). L895 should be considered redundant of L894 until additional positive tests reveal a father - son relationship between these to SNPs. L894 and L895 are descendants of Z253.

There are seven above average testing candidates for this Y-SNP testing that were found:

1) With the Y-Search query and query within the R-L21 Plus spreadsheet, seven additional submissions that have not been tested that were higher than 67 % of the DNA fingerprint. The following submissions would be reasonable testing candidates: McLerran (Y6KXY), McLaurin (WJ5X9), Nelson (SX455), Finkhauser (M3EUX), Wiley (9JKHQ), Mitchell (G3ERH / 14517) and unknown surname (FTDNA N61379).

2) Since the scope of these Y-SNPs has not been tested to date, there are over 40 more submissions that have a 7 of 12 match (58 %) of the L894 fingerprint. These submissions should be considered very speculative in nature.

The DNA results spreadsheet includes seven above average testing candidates (greater than 67 % of the L894 fingerprint) and numerous speculative testing candidates. The submissions that have 385b >= 16 appear to be the best testing candidates since these marker values tend to track higher fingerprint match percentages.