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Harold Casey, ca. 1945, b. 1915, d. 1991, my father, coauthor of "Casey Family History," 1980. Harold was also coauthor of "Shelton, Wininger and Pace Families," 1988. He served in the United States Navy, World War II, Senior Lieutenant. Miss our "genealogy sessions."

Welcome to the Casey DNA Project

This website is dedicated to DNA research that enhances our knowledge of the Casey surname. This project is primarily based on Y-DNA testing which provides genealogists the best testing alternative to determine genealogical clusters of related Casey lines and to determine how our oldest proven Casey ancestors are connected. This project is not limited to any geography (but is currently biased towards submissions of current residents of the United States). Half of the Caseys reside outside of the United States - we need more Casey submissions that currently reside in Ireland, England, Australia and Canada where the other half of the Caseys live today. Only a few lines outside of the United States are known to have been tested to date. There are not many spelling variations of the Casey surname and these surnames are not very common surnames. We welcome any spelling variation to verify that they are indeed related to the known Casey genealogical clusters that are established to date. We have recently discovered that a Kersey line is probably related to the South Carolina cluster which is a major genealogical discovery based on DNA evidence. We also welcome any line that has Casey DNA but does not carry the Casey surname (genetic Casey lines adopted by non-Caseys). We also welcome any Casey lines that may not have Casey DNA but carry the Casey surname (non-Casey genetic lines adopted by Casey families).

After researching the Casey Family History for thirty-five years, I am very excited about how DNA may finally shed some light on the origins of the Casey surname. Testing has already proven that almost all Casey lines from South Carolina are indeed closely related and that no other lines from other geographies are closely related to the South Carolina cluster to date (except the recently discovered Kersey line and a very distant connection to the Munster, Ireland cluster). It has been determined that the South Carolina has a early genetic split that define two major branches of the South Carolina cluster. For a common surname like Casey, there are relatively few genetic sources for those that originally took on the Casey surname. This supports the history of the Casey surname that states six unrelated clan leaders originally used this surname. With the recent availability of 111 markers that now can be tested, DNA will provide even more information about our Casey origins and will shed even more light on how many previously unrelated lines are connected.

We now have over fifty DNA submissions in the Casey DNA Project. We are now at exciting stage of the Casey DNA Project as clusters of Caseys are now beginning to be established and several strong branches and possible branches are known as well. Over the past three years, I have focused primarily on DNA research for the Casey and Brooks surnames. This investment in time is now paying off as we have discovered around 50 new facts about our Casey lines uncovered by genetic information. I believe that the analysis provided at this web site is leading edge and best of breed - but probably contains some errors as we are all learn about DNA analysis. Our project welcomes new participants and I wish to thank all those that have supported this project to date. Feel free to write or call me for additional information. If interested, this project can always use additional volunteers with keeping the project moving forward.

Welcome to the Casey DNA Project - Robert Brooks Casey, FTDNA Administrator for the Casey Surname Project and administrator of this web site, the Casey DNA Project, which includes submissions from other testing companies and extensive analysis of DNA submissions. DNA analysis can be challenging to understand, so feel free to drop me an email or call me with any questions that you may have or what to do next.