Finus Ewing Bryan

Finus Ewing Bryan, b. 1840, TN, d. 1915, TX, photograph ca. 1910, Hillsboro, TX

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This website is dedicated to genealogical related YDNA research that directly benefits genealogists and concentrates on the exciting new YSNP research that also directly benefits genealogical research. Please note the newest web addition, the R-L226 "Private" web site which is in its early stages of rollout:




R-L21 SNP Predictor Tool Introduction

R-L21 Descendant Chart Introduction

Thanks for visiting this web site. The R-L226 "Private" web site demonstrates the power of automated descendant charts based on the new charting tooI - SAPP. This powerful software tool now works due to so many new branches under R-L226 and extensive YSNP testing within this project. I also have the web site R-L21 "Private" which analyzes many other "near private" and "private" YSNPs that descend from the R-L21 haplogroup. I also have the R-L21 SNP predictor accurately predicts with over 95 % accuracy and can now predict around 50 % of all the extensive R-L21 submissions.

I am currently the FTDNA Administrator for the Casey Surname Project (over 100 submissions) and author of its companion web site, the Casey DNA Project. I am also the co-adminstrator for the FTDNA Brooks Surname Project (over 200 submissions) and the administrator for the FTDNA Kiersey DNA Project (around 25 submissions). I also maintain a genealogical only web site that includes nine 600 page publications which includes around 60,000 related individuals.